Fun Ideas To Add Color to Your Space (Without Painting Your Walls)

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No Paint, No Problem!

It’s amazing how painting a room a certain color can spruce up a room or create a distinct feeling you want to feel while you are in there. But it is a pretty big commitment. After you paint, you have a couple of choices… either live with it or, go through the time and expense of repainting it. But what if you could do the same thing without painting? There are lots of ways to add color without the paint (or commitment)! 

 A recent article from outlines some ideas to add color to a room or space without the commitment of painting. Here are a few of the ideas:



Change your lighting

Something as simple as changing to a different light bulb can change things. Bulbs 2,000K to 3,000K light bulbs will cast a warmer glow making your color scheme feel cozier and inviting. Bulbs from 6,000K to 100,000K will cast a cool glow and can make a space read a little more on the blue side.


Put down a colorful rug

Adding color and patterns to a space using an area rug is a great way to incorporate new colors into an existing palette. This can have a huge impact on your room.



This is a simple yet great and cost-effective way to switch up the feel and color of your room. New or different throw pillows or blankets with bold colors can reinvigorate the space. Or try using soft florals or colors to make it feel more serene and relaxing.


Grab a bold piece of furniture

Don’t be afraid to go bold with a chair or sofa. Even if you have a vintage-looking piece with a more modern bold fabric, the mix can be eye-catching and beautiful.

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