Organizing Your Garage

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Organizing Your Garage

If your garage is like mine it ends up like a catch-all for things that don’t go in the house. Outdoor furniture, storage containers, seasonal decorations, and kids toys and bikes can fill up a garage fast! In order to get your garage looking neat and organized, you are going to need to have a system in place. Here are some tips to help you out:

Make Zones In Your Garage

Possible zones could be:

Car Parking Zone -When creating this zone, don’t forget to calculate space needed to open your vehicle doors.

Storage Zone – Remember to consider hot and cold fluctuations if your garage is not climate controlled. Is there area prone to insects or rodents.

Work Area Zone – If you or a loved one like to work in the garage, make them a space for these activities.

Declutter and Group

Once you have your zones, you can declutter and start to organize. Group your belonging into groups. Start with keep, sell, and donate piles. Then you can narrow it down even more by grouping your keep items into different categories like: tools, gardening, sports, seasonal decorations, outdoor furniture, etc.

Possible Storage Solutions

Sometimes you need to think outside of the box for garage storage.  Use walls, ceiling storage, and every inch of space you can find.

Pegboards are a good possible inexpensive way to organize. You can hang all types of tools and everyday items. Just make sure they aren’t too heavy.

Open Shelving units can be another fairly inexpensive way to help organize. Your items with be out in the open and easy to find.

Overhead storage can be used for things that aren’t used very often or for items that can’t be stored on pegboards or on shelves.

Hooks are good way to help organize. These can be used to hang bikes from the ceiling or hanging items on the wall that are to big or heavy for the pegboard.


A good schedule to go by is to re-organize your garage twice a year. Just make sure you are keeping efficiency and safety for you or anybody else that may enter the garage.