Landscaping Your Home


You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and Curb Appeal is fast becoming one of the most important details buyers look for when shopping for homes. Landscaping can bring out the best in your home while allowing you to put your own personal touch on it. Ugh, just the WORD “landscaping” seems so….HOT! All the digging and the hauling and the rocks and the dirt and which trees should I plant? Do I want flowers? Which flowers bloom every year? How long does it even TAKE for flowers to, um, flower? What kind of grass is best? It’s Kentucky Bluegrass, isn’t it? Let’s dive in to the basics and not-so-basics about what you can do with the landscaping around your home.

Testing your soil. This sounds easy, right? Plus, this super-cheap soil tester will measure the moisture, light and pH of your soil! With this knowledge, you can tackle the next hard part: deciding what and where to plant.

What do I want to plant? Deciding between trees or shrubs or bushes or flowers is going to be a matter of personal taste. I would LOVE to walk out of my house and see a literal SEA of pink peonies, but will they even grow in my soil? That’s why the soil testing is so important. It will tell you which plants you can expect to grow and which ones to avoid. Trees will obviously take a while to sprout and even longer to shade, but don’t plant anything that needs full sun in an area that will eventually be shaded by your trees. Try to balance your yard, if not with symmetry then with size. Emphasize a front porch by planting bright flowers under or use tall plants to bring focus to a detailed doorway.

Do I really want to dig in myself? Hey, if you’ve got the money to dish out to have your landscaping done by professionals, by all means let them show you what they’ve got. It can be really exciting to plan on some sweat equity, until you’re three weeks (and possible hundreds of dollars) in and you haven’t even planted a seed yet.

Why should I even do this? Landscaping, on average, can raise the value of your home anywhere from 5% to 12%, depending on the extent of it. It is the mark of a pristine interior as well as a sign of good taste. Plants are really in style these days, and by the looks of it that isn’t going to change anytime soon.