How is Your Curb Appeal

The term ‘curb appeal’ is used a lot in real estate as a general term to describe the overall attractiveness of a property. Curb appeal includes the property’s exterior, the entry, the lawn, and more.

Why is curb appeal so important? First impressions matter- a lot! A typical home buyer, for example, will develop an impression of your home within just seconds of seeing it. If a first impression is positive, Buyers will feel welcome and curious to explore all of the possibilities inside your home. If the first impression is negative, a Seller may risk losing the Buyer completely- as well as a potential sale before the Buyer even sets foot in the home.

Good curb appeal doesn’t have to cost you a fortune though. You can create an inviting exterior setting; get Buyers in your front door; and improve the value of your home with the following no to low-cost tips:Brick house

1. Your lawn and landscaping- Mow your lawn correctly using the proper blade height so the grass isn’t cut too short or too long. Aerate if necessary and repair any bare spots with fresh grass seed. A proper maintenance routine should include applying fertilizer, removing weeds, and clearing the lawn of any debris or animal waste.

2. Your house- Power wash your house and garage so buildings are free of dirt, cobwebs, or even bird droppings. Remove any branches from rooftops and gutters. Sweep off your patio or deck and apply a fresh coat of stain if necessary.
If your wood siding or trim is chipped, apply a fresh coat of paint.

3. Your entry- Dress up the entry to your home by using a welcome mat or rug near the front door. Make sure it aligns symmetrically with the door and entire entry. Add a splash of life and brighten up your front steps with a potted plant or two.

4. Your lighting- Many Buyers will visit your home, not just in the day, but night too. Make sure the entry and exterior are well-lit and your home looks as attractive at night as it does during the day.

5. Your personal touches- Add your own personal touches with other items or do it yourself projects such as: a bird house, a garden box, a fountain, a bench or sitting area, a firepit, or a new patio or trestle. These items will make a positive impression on your prospective Buyers as well as any of your future guests!