Which Flowers to Send This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and a popular time for gift giving. In fact, the average American spendsRose image resized approximately $140 on Valentine’s Day, according to the National Retail Federation.

While a lot of money is typically spent on gifts of jewelry, chocolate, cards, and dinner, flowers are a popular gift due to their versatility of use.

A gift of flowers can be used for your spouse or sweetheart, friend, family member, neighbor, or even co-worker. Flowers are also a great gift idea because they have a special language which allows you to communicate specific feelings to someone else.

Some flowers, such as the white daffodil, yellow carnation, and black rose have negative associations so before you go out and purchase flowers for someone special in your life this Valentine’s Day, know the special meaning behind your gift.

Below are some common Valentine’s Day expressions and their corresponding flower:

Say: I Love You
While the red rose is probably the most popular flower to communicate love, red tulips are an affordable alternative with a similar meaning. White roses and daisies are used to signify innocent love specifically while white gardenia, alstroemeria, sunflowers, and forget me nots are all additional options to reflect general feelings of love.

Say: I’m Intrigued by You
Blue roses represent the mysterious and unattainable and are often associated, like the purple rose, with love at first sight.

Say: I’m Sorry
The purple hyacinth and white tulip are great ways to request forgiveness as they are generally associated with regret.

Say: I Miss You
Say I miss you to an absent friend with zinnias or choose pink or red carnations, the most popular ‘I miss you’ flowers. Azaleas are another option if you and your special someone are in love- but apart’.

Say: I Want You
Orange and coral roses are associated with desire and a great way to tell someone “I want you’. Pink roses mean passionate love, making them another appropriate choice to reflect desire.

Say: I Appreciate You
Pink carnations and peach roses represent gratitude and are an ideal way to communicate your appreciation to someone else.