Home Cleaner Longer

Do you ever feel like you are constantly trying to keep your house clean? Or thinking that you just cleaned and everything’s a mess again? Keeping a clean house can be a challenge, especially if you have pets or many people living in your house. With school starting up again, we know things can get hectic. In all this chaos, we know cleaning is probably not a number one priority. This is why we have found some different tips for cleaning your house and ways to keep it cleaner longer.


By placing doormats by doors in high traffic areas, you can keep entrance ways more clean. These mats collect dirt and may encourage individuals to take off their shoes before walking throughout the house. Some doormats can be vacuumed or machine washable, but even shaking them out outside is an easy way to clean them. Just by adding something small, like a doormat, less dirt will enter your home!


One interesting tip we found for keeping your showers clean is by using rain-repellent spray that is used for cars. By spraying and cleaning with these types of products that are normally used for car windshields, water and soap will rinse off the shower glass rather than cause scum to build up.  

Protectant Sprays

Keeping your furniture and carpets clean can be done by using protectant sprays. These sprays can protect spills from absorbing into the couch which helps prevents from stains.cleaner longer

Daily Cleaning

Cleaning can be much less of a chore if you clean more often. By cleaning little bits at a time, your house will begin to remain clean. If you store different cleaning products all over the house, rather than in one area, you may find yourself quick cleaning an area. For example if you store bathroom cleaning products in the bathroom rather than in a storage room, it will be easier to quick clean the counter tops or toilet.


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