Why Live in Spirit Lake?

Why choose to live in Spirit Lake? For some of us who have lived here for a long time, this is an easy question to answer. We love this area and we think it is a great place to live. Each small town in the lakes region has so much to offer! There is always something to do, especially during the summer months. The life on the lake is peaceful in such a busy time of year. This area is so beautiful and there are many reasons why we love living here!


For those of you who haven’t lived here long, or are thinking about moving to the area, we are here to give some helpful inputs on the area! This summer we had an intern in our office to help with daily office duties and to do some marketing for us! Her name is Corrie and she has visited the lakes many times but never has lived here, until this summer. We decided to ask Corrie what some of her favorite parts of living here this summer so that you can all see what this beautiful part of Iowa has to offer!oko


“Living in Spirit Lake for over 3 months now has been such a joy. I love the environment that is surrounded by the lake. One thing I love about living here is that two opposite, distinct lifestyles that come together in one place. The lake gives off such a relaxing feeling, but also a feeling of go go go with all the hustle and bustle of the tourists and visitors for the summer. There is a great balance between the two, and you can kind of control which lifestyle to be a part of! I also love that there’s always something to do for everyone. Whether you like nature and the great outdoors, or if you like shopping and an exciting night life–there’s something for you! Personally, I love doing both! I love getting coffee or ice cream, and I also love walking the trails of the state parks or kayaking! I also see deer and other small animals all the time and I love it! There’s also a lot of cool, unique restaurants to go to! This area is such a great place to live, and I would recommend it to anyone!”