Storage Tips for Your Bathroom

Clutter always seems to find its way into our lives. We deep clean and a week later our possessions have taken over again. Avoiding clutter can be easier in some areas more than others. We often pay attention to the clutter that everyone can see when they visit our homes; such as clutter in the entryway or living room. But with so many products, towels, and other things that belong in a bathroom, clutter can occur there too! This is why we have found some tips and interesting ways for storing different things in the bathroom to maximize your space and keep it looking clean and clutter-free!


Add storage

Under the sink: Put in cabinets under and around the sink. The look of a bare sink may look cool, but adding cabinets underneath will maximize storage in the bathroom both underneath the sink but also with additional counter space around the sink.

Above the toilet: Add shelving above the toilet! Space above and around the toilet often goes unused. If you need more storage or shelving you can custom build shelves above the toilet. You can place your washroom items in baskets to but on the shelves. Baskets will help hide the clutter and add a stylish touch!

On the backs of doors:  For small items, consider storing them on the backs of doors or cabinet mirrors. Hang up small holders for makeup or your toothbrush. On the back of the main door you can add towel hooks which will clear up space on the walls.

**Use hooks instead of bars: For hanging up your wet towels, use hooks! Most towel bars can only hold one towel, and often times hanging a wet towel on the bar usually is not done very neatly and can look sloppy. Hooks take up less room.



  • Shower caddies can be helpful in organizing your belongings. You can take them out when you need to use the things in them, but are easy to store when not in use. This will keep you bathroom looking tidy.
  • Get rid of things you don’t use. Whether it is old lotions, makeup, or hair ties you don’t wear, just throw them away or donate them. One easy way to avoid a messy looking bathroom is to only have what you need and use.
  • If there are items that you are not using now, feel free to store them in a different closet or room in the house where more storage space is available.


For additional tips on keeping your bathroom clean and organized, visit Declutter Your Bathroom.



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