Common Areas You Forgot to Clean

A normal cleaning day may consist of vacuuming, dusting, sweeping and mopping, but there is so much more to do! We often forget that certain areas and appliances need to be cleaned! We have compiled a list of different areas and appliances that you may have forgotten to clean or didn’t even realize you needed to clean! They may not need to be cleaned every week, but cleaning these areas once a while will keep your house looking sparkling clean!


Washing machine: You may not know this, but you should clean your washing machine! Whether you scrub it manually or start a cycle with vinegar in it, cleaning your washing machine is an important thing to do.

Kitchen Appliances:

  • Fridge: Go through the foods and drinks in your fridge and throw out any gross or expired foods. This in itself can help extinguish and rotten smells that may come. Once you got rid of expired foods, deep clean your fridge. Wipe down the different shelves and drawers. Now that the inside is clean, don’t forget the outside! People often forget the dust and grime that can build up underneath or behind fridges.
  • Stove: Like the fridge, make sure to clean underneath and around the stove as dust and food crumbs tend to build up in these areas.
  • Coffee pots, toasters, and other small appliances are easy to clean are often overlooked. Coffee and bread crumbs can build up over time, so cleaning these appliances will help your kitchen look clean and avoid any possible growth of mold.

Trash Can: We take the trash out when we clean, but often forget the trash can itself needs cleaning. Foods and beverages can spill or seep through the trash bag leaving residue to build up in your trash can. This can cause funky smells and mold. You can clean it many ways, but taking it outside and using a garden hose to spray it off may be the easiest! Cleaning out your trash can will keep your kitchen smelling fresh!

Light switches, door knobs, remote controls, toys: These areas are constantly being touched and germs and bacteria are constantly being spread through them. All of these things collect so many germs, yet we often do not even think to clean them. If you have young kids, it is important to disinfect toys frequently to avoid the spread of germs.

Bathroom: Everyone remembers to clean the sinks and toilet bowls, but there are areas in the bathroom that are often overlooked. While cleaning the toilet, don’t forget to get the back of it. Your toothbrush holder can collect a lot of germs and should be cleaned! The shower curtain should also be cleaned more frequently than you think! Dirt, soap scum, and shampoo can all build up on your shower curtain.cleaninh

Cleaning Supplies: Cleaning your cleaning supplies is a must! Whether it’s toilet brushes, brooms, kitchen sponges or other scrubbers, they need to be cleaned! Bacteria can build up on these cleaning supplies which will end up defeating your purpose of cleaning. Soak these items and they will be clean in no time!

Doorways, baseboards, window sills: You may find yourself dusting shelves and other surfaces, but don’t forget about the doorways, baseboards, ceiling fans, vents, and window sills! You may not have to dust/wipe down these areas every time you clean, but remember to do them every once in a while as dirt and dust can build up quickly.

Outdoors: During the summer months, keep your patio furniture looking fresh and new by cleaning it every once in a while. Also, the summer months are a great time to clean out your garage. Get rid of stuff you don’t use and take time to re-organize it! Give it a good sweep, and it will be looking much cleaner than before!

These areas are often forgot about and remain dirty for long periods of time. Hopefully this was a good reminder so that next time you clean you can get to these tough, overlooked places! Good luck cleaning, and don’t forget about under the stove!


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