Important Tips to Keep in Mind When Moving In!

When moving into a new home, it can be fun to think about all the furniture and decor that you plan on having. Although, before you get to painting and decorating, there are some very important tasks that should be done first!

Replace the Locks: After buying a home, it is smart to change the locks so that only you have keys to your home. You may also want to make a couple copies of your new keys so that you can have spares if you ever lose any. You can never be too safe!

Call an exterminator: Not many people think to do this before moving in, but it is a must! Clearing the home of bugs and small rodents before you completely move in will be helpful in the long run!

Clean, Clean, Clean: Before you move in, clean your home. Moving in, painting, and decorating will be so much easier to do in a clean home. Having the carpets cleaned either professionally or by steaming them yourself is something that is often overlooked, but extremely beneficial. You never know what has touched the carpet, whether it be pets, children, food, or who knows what, it is a good idea to free the carpet of stains and allergens. The kitchen is another area of the home that should be deep cleaned before moving in. While moving out, many homeowners tend to skip cleaning out the kitchen. By wiping down and cleaning cupboards and appliances, your kitchen will be ready to move in!

Get Connected: Make sure to connect your energy and your internet. By doing this in the early stages of moving in or having it done by time you officially move in, you will be able to focus on organizing your belongings and it will be one less thing to worry about.

Update your Address: Make sure to change your address where needed. This could be insurance papers, phone books, different subscriptions, etc. It is also good to keep your friends, coworkers, and family updated with your new address.


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