Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean if You Have Pets!

We LOVE our pets! Many of us may even consider them to be members of our family! However, our pets can shed or track in dirt from the outside into our home, and cleaning/keeping our homes clean can be frustrating or difficult to keep up with. What can we do to help keep our home clean for ourselves and our pets? Below are some tips for keeping your home clean when you have pets.

Brush, Brush, Brush

Regularly brushing our pets pays off in the long run because it removes their dead hair and helps keep their coat healthy. Healthy coats shed less!

Use Stain-Resistant Carpeting in Your Home…

Certain types of stain-resistant carpeting are designed for those with pets. You won’t have to worry about your carpet again!

Clean Your Pet’s Dirty Paws As Soon As Possible…

If you’re taking/letting your pets outside on a wet day, make sure to clean their paws off right away once you get inside or as soon as you are able to. It can also be beneficial to keep them in one space after being outside on a wet day so they don’t track mud or dirt everywhere, especially if you can’t clean their paws off right away. Keeping rags or brushes right by the door can be handy because you’ll have access to them when you walk inside.

Protect the Furniture in Your Home…

Spraying your furniture with stain protectants is a great way to avoid having to clean up stains after they happen.

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