Buying and Selling a Home at the Same Time

I don’t know if you have ever bought and sold a home at the same time but it can make for a very stressful experience.   It happens quite often and can be stress free if you are prepared ahead of time.  Make sure you have a well thought-out plan, a good agent,  and have all of your ducks in a row in advance.  Here are a few suggestions from Zillow to make this work.

1. Know your finances inside and out. This is a no brainer. You need to know not only what you can afford to buy, but also, what your house is worth before you even get started. Talk to your real estate agent and consult a mortgage banker or broker for loan pre-approval.

2. Start packing. Start boxing up stuff you don’t need easy access to. Get rid of all the things you won’t need until you’ve moved into your new home. This will help make your home show better and starting the packing process now will make it that much easier to move later. You may need to rent a storage unit temporarily for your stuff.

3. Do whatever quick fixes you need to do to sell your home. Do you have a toilet that constantly runs? Is your kitchen right out of the 1950s? If so, get busy fixing those things that could cause your home to sit on the market longer than necessary or affect your home’s value.

4. Start home shopping and learning the market. Start going to open houses and seeing what’s out there. Begin the process of elimination: What are the must-haves and the deal killers?

5. When you’re ready, list it. Depending upon your situation, you might want to list your property toward the higher end of its value range, once you’re actively in the market. This can buy you time while you shop for your next home. And who knows? You might get more money. (It still happens.)

Starting now helps reduce the stress later. As always, call NextHome At The Lakes for all of your Okoboji Real Estate needs, and let us help you buy your NextHome At The Lakes!! 


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