Should I List My Home Now or Wait Until Spring?

A big question many people have during the winter months is “should I sell my home now or wait until it warms up?”.  This is a common issue with people thinking of selling, and while there are many different things to consider, NextHome At The Lakes can help you make the best decision for your situation.

IMG_3574If you are selling your primary residence and are ready to move, listing during the winter could be very beneficial.  Supply tends to be down over the winter months and people looking to buy are typically serious buyers, not just looky-loos. Many buyers are also afraid of getting in to a bidding war and risking losing out,  so if this happened to them in the summer or fall when there were more buyers out there, they may be looking again. A couple of downfalls to listing in the winter are the possibility of having to cancel showings or open houses due to winter weather conditions, as well as the fact that things don’t look as inviting in the winter.

IMG_2577If you are going to sell a vacation or second home, it may be better to wait until March or April.  If you have to worry about heating bills, pipes freezing, and snow or ice removal at a second home, it might be easier to list it when it starts warming up.  In addition, buyers looking for vacation homes tend to wait until it starts warming up to begin their search for the perfect home!  While bidding wars are not beneficial to buyers, they can be to sellers. If you wait until spring, there are more buyers out there to compete for your property, therefore, hopefully getting you more money!  Waiting until spring also allows for leaves to grow back, flowers to start blooming, and grass to turn green which definitely makes for better photos and more favorable showings.

No matter when you decide to sell, you must remember to take your REALTOR’S advice and look closely at neighborhood sales comparables when pricing  your home.  If you are priced above what the current market will support,  it will more than likely sit for awhile!  As always, remember to contact NextHome At The Lakes for all of your Okoboji Real Estate needs!