How to Save Battery Life on Your iPhone!

Many of us have iPhones, and we depend on them for many things during our day-to-day activities. We use them to take pictures of the moments in our lives, update our calendar of events, browse the Internet, and some of us may even use them for work purposes. However, when our iPhone battery drains quickly, we can be without our phone and the tools we use daily. So, how can we preserve the battery life on our iPhones? Check out the tips below!


1.) Be aware of how hot or cold your iPhone is. If your iPhone gets too hot, your phone will work harder and drain the battery.

2.) Leave your apps open instead of constantly swiping up to close them. Swiping to close your apps uses battery power.

3.) Turn low power mode on by going to Settings, then Battery, and then selecting Low Power Mode.

4.) Connect to Wi-Fi when you can.

5.) Turn the brightness on your iPhone down.



We hope these tips have helped! For an in-depth explanation of these tips, please click on the following link to visit the information source: 15 Ways to Save Your iPhone’s Battery 



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