What To Do At The Lakes Year-Round!

Summer is a very exciting time in The Lakes area. All of our favorite restaurants and shops are open, and we can enjoy the beautiful weather on The Lake. Unfortunately, summer has to come to an end sometime. Some restaurants and shops close, and the weather and water gets much cooler. One thing stands true, though, – there is always something to do at The Lakes, no matter what season it is! If you’re wondering what to do at The Lakes once summer is over, we have compiled a list of things you’re able to do year-round! These are listed in no particular order, we don’t recommend one over the other, and we most definitely didn’t list ALL the shops, restaurants, and things to do year-round since there are so many of each!


Where to eat year-round…

  • Jimmy John’s in Arnolds Park and Spirit Lake
  • Dry Dock Lounge in Arnolds Park
  • Kazarelli’s in Wahpeton
  • Los Pueblos in Arnolds Park
  • Minerva’s in Okoboji
  • Perkins in Milford
  • Pizza Ranch in Spirit Lake
  • Remington’s in Spirit Lake
  • The Hutt Bar and Grill in Arnolds Park
  • Tweeter’s in Okoboji
  • Godfather’s Pizza in Milford and Spirit Lake
  • Hey Good Cookies in Spirit Lake
  • Hy-Vee in Spirit Lake
  • Lisa’s Bake Shop in Spirit Lake
  • Papa Murphy’s Pizza in Spirit Lake
  • Dairy Queen in Spirit Lake and Milford
  • Taco John’s in Spirit Lake
  • Burger King in Spirit Lake
  • Arby’s in Spirit Lake
  • McDonald’s in Okoboji
  • Subway in Spirit Lake and Milford
  • Hibachi 88 in Spirit Lake
  • Asian Palace in Spirit Lake
  • One in One in Arnolds Park
  • The Coffee Shop in Milford
  • Table 316 Steakhouse in Arnolds Park
  • El Parian Mexican Grill
  • D’s Pho in Arnolds Park


Where to shop year-round…

  • Lace in Okoboji
  • Mary’s Gift Shoppe in Spirit Lake
  • The Great Lakes Mall in Spirit Lake
  • Snooks of Okoboji
  • The Barn Swallow in Okoboji
  • Timeless Consignments in Spirit Lake
  • Walmart in Spirit Lake
  • This ‘N That Eclectics in Spirit Lake
  • Sail On Consignments in Okoboji
  • Kari’s Fine Clothing For Women in Okoboji
  • Katy Lynn Boutique in Arnolds Park


What to do year-round…

  • Waterpark at Bridges Bay Resort
  • Creative Spirits in Okoboji
  • Kurio Kastle Pottery Painting Palace
  • Dickinson County Nature Center
  • Pearson Lakes Art Center
  • Boji Bay Ice Arena
  • Great Lakes Cinema 7


Bridges Bay Picture  Minervas Restaurant






Minerva’s Restaurant 





Bridges Bay Resort Waterpark 




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Right image retrieved from: https://arrowwoodokoboji.com/minervas-restaurant