Are You Moving? Check Out These Packing Tips!

Moving can be a very exciting but stressful time. Before you can move, you will need to pack! How can one make the packing process for their move easier and/or less stressful?  Below are a few packing tips for your move!




  • Box Size is Important! Your heavier items should go in small boxes, and your lighter items should go into larger boxes. Packing heavy items into large boxes can increase their chance of breaking.
  • Boxes should not have empty spaces in them. Gaps in the boxes can be filled with towels, etc. There is a chance a mover won’t move a box if it feels unbalanced.
  • Make packing and unpacking quicker by putting items from the same room in the same boxes.
  • Label all the boxes with where the contents go and what the contents are to make for easy placement.
  •  Be sure to tape all boxes well. Tape the seams at the bottom and top of the boxes, and wrap the tape around the top and bottom edges of the boxes.



We hope these tips have helped! For in-depth explanations of each tip and more packing tips, please click on the following link to visit the information source: Moving Packing Tips.

This is a great article that explains each tip in-depth, and it can help answer any further questions you have!




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