The FINAL Week of Locate Luke At The Lakes!!! – Week 14 – August 31st-September 6th

We are up to week fourteen of Locate Luke At The Lakes, which is also the FINAL week! We hope everyone had a great time locating Luke! We want to thank everyone for participating and playing, and we want to say thank you to the local businesses that allowed Luke to hang out with you over the summer! Stay tuned for the winner to be revealed next Thursday, September 7th. So, where was Luke located in last week’s picture? He was at the Spirit Lake High School Football Field.  Thank you to those who guessed his location!!

For this week, check out the picture below and comment on the corresponding Facebook post with your guess of where you think Luke is located this week!!

Remember, these are the rules…

Each week we will take a picture of Luke, and we will post it on the NextHome at the Lakes website under the “Katie’s Corner at the Lakes” tab.

In order to enter the contest, go to our Facebook page named NextHome at the Lakes and find the post with a link to our blog. The post will have the name “Locate Luke at the Lakes” and the corresponding weekly date on it. Click on the post, and it will redirect you to our website ( under the “Katie’s Corner at the Lakes” tab. By clicking on the post, you will be able to see a larger picture of where Luke is located and view more information on the contest. Once you’ve viewed the picture and have located Luke, comment your guess on the Facebook post. The post will be posted onto Facebook every Thursday of the week, and you will have until the following Wednesday to comment your guess on where Luke is.

At the end of the summer, depending on the number of times you guess where Luke is located, your name will be added to the drawing for a prize. For example, if the contest runs for 12 weeks, and you guess correctly every week, you will have 12 entries!

Ready…Set…Locate Luke!!!!

Luke nature center