Where to get ice cream at The Lakes!

One of our favorite things to eat on a sunny day is ice cream! Honestly, though, we could eat ice cream any time.

When you are out and about in The Lakes area, it can be fun to stop and get ice cream! We can always go to the local grocery store and purchase a container of ice cream, but there are times when it is fun to actually go out to an ice cream shop! Below we have created a list of places to get ice cream at The Lakes. They are in no particular order. There are many places to get ice cream in the area, and we may have missed a place! However, we hope this list helps when you are craving a sweet serving of ice cream!


-Dairy Queen in Spirit Lake

-Dairy Queen in Milford

-Hey, Good Cookies! in Spirit Lake

-Daily Addiction in Arnolds Park

-Goodies Handmade Candies in Spirit Lake

-BonBon Frozen Yogurt in Arnolds Park

-NuttyBar Stand in Arnolds Park

-Boji Sweets in Arnolds Park




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