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Packing tips

blog photoAre you planning  to move this spring and don’t have a clue where to start?  Here are a few tips…

Even if you aren’t moving for a couple of months, don’t wait until the week before, start now!

The worst thing you can do when moving is procrastinate,  start packing today so you aren’t scrambling at the last minute.

Pack per room and get rid of clutter and unused items

Start in one room, and work your way through the house.  Start with the items you don’t need, such as décor and little ins and outs, and work your way to the more important items that you use on a daily basis.  Have space for various piles, a “move to new house” pile, a “garage sale or donate” pile, and a “garbage” pile.  It is amazing how many things you find that you haven’t seen or used in years and wonder why it is taking up space.  Remember, donations to non-profits can be written off on your tax returns!

Pack per Weight

One of the best moving tips to remember is to pack heavier items in smaller boxes, and lighter items in larger boxes.  You might think its easier to fit as much in a box as possible, remember someone still has to carry them!

Label, Label, Label

Make sure to label all boxes so that when you are unpacking you will know where things are at and where the movers should put them.  Make sure that all boxes are labeled on the side and top with the room they go in, if the items are fragile,  as well as what items are inside of it.   As for the essentials that you won’t necessarily need during the packing process but will certainly need to unload first, pack them separately and last. Mark the box clearly so it can be loaded into the moving truck last, so it can be the first box removed and unloaded as well.

Stay Organized

Now that you’ve properly labeled all of the boxes, you must make sure that the items put into each box is completed in an organized fashion. If you have extra room in some boxes while others are full, try not to combine something that doesn’t match labeling as it will just make the unpacking/finding things process very frustrating!