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bus in 2017-2THome Savings Account his past Wednesday, over 300 REALTORS from across Iowa went to the state capital in Des Moines to talk to our legislators about issues affecting our industry and your ability to buy and sell homes.  You may not think your voice counts but if done in a professional manner it does!  The big topic of discussion on a state level this year is the Home Savings Account that REALTORS are trying to get passed.  This program would help first time homebuyers save money to buy a home….tax free!  They could save up to $2000/year for a single person or $4000 a year for a married couple for ten years to put toward a down payment or closing costs associated with purchasing a home.  Parents and Grandparents could also participate and help the kids out!  The home must be bought in Iowa and for every $1.00 that the proposed income tax deduction legislation will require in program implementation, it is estimated that homebuyers purchasing these homes will bring $1.99 in new revenues to the state!  Think of the additional sales tax collected, property  and transfer taxes and income taxes for everyone that is part of the home buying/selling process.  If you have any questions about this program feel free to contact me and if you think it would be a great idea for future home buyers, tell your legislators to pass it!


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