Is your home ready to list and show?

Is your home ready to go on the market and have potential buyers walk through it?  Here are a few suggestions to make sure it is in top showing condition!  Plan for 7-10 days to get it ready.

  • DE-PERSONALIZE-  If you have lived in your home for a long time and raised your children there, it could be a very difficult and emotional time for you.  Start by making the mental decision to “let go” and remind yourself that soon this will be someone else’s home.  You may need to think of it as a “thing” that is for sale instead of your house.  Part of this process is de-personalizing the home.  Take down family photos and other memorabilia.  Remove posters from kids rooms and fill all nail/staple holes and repaint if needed.  You want buyers to picture themselves in the home rather than wondering about the people who live there now.
  • DE-CLUTTER-  Put knick-knacks, books,  and anything else that you have sitting around in boxes and put in storage.  If you have anything sitting around that you have not used in the last 3 weeks, pack it up and put it in storage!  If you haven’t used it in over 3 months, donate it or throw it away!  This will help to sell the home and also when you are unpacking in your new home.  The last time I moved, I had 3 totes of stuff that I never unpacked from the last move….obviously I don’t need it!  Also clean off kitchen counter tops.  Leave only small appliances that are used daily and 3 colorful accessories.  You want to make the counter space seem as spacious as possible. 


  • ORGANIZE- Buyers always open kitchen cabinets and closet doors to see how much space there is.  Take any extra dishes that you don’t use and put them in storage, stack plates neatly according to size,  have coffee cup handles facing the same direction, etc.  Organize utensil drawers, again packing anything away that does not get used on a daily or at least weekly basis.  Throw away any expired food in your pantry and organize canned goods and other foods.   In your closets, pack away all out of season clothing.  Look at everything else and decide what you actually wear and what you haven’t worn in awhile, again donate anything you don’t wear or that doesn’t fit and organize everything else so that it is hanging the same direction.  S0me people even organize by color!  Shoes should be lined up nicely and there should not be anything else on the floor.  If you have a hobby room or children’s toy room, throw away anything that is broken or no longer in working order.  Other things, organize in baskets or totes and put on shelves or in storage.
  • CLEAN-  Wipe down walls, shelves, baseboard trim, and ceiling fans and other light fixtures.  Deep clean appliances inside and out.  Vacuum under furniture and in corners.  Clean fingerprints off of light switches, plug ins, and windows.  Polish faucets and deep clean bathtubs and showers.
  • STAGE-  Have a nice centerpiece on the kitchen/dining room table.  In the living room, remove excess furniture to make the room look larger.  Depending on the size of your living room, keep 8-10 non personal items on the walls or end tables to add color and personality to the space.  If you need to keep things like toys, homework, electronic devices in the living areas of your home, get nice baskets and personalize then for each family member to put on shelves or in a closet.  Replace worn out rugs and update bedding, using gender neutral selections.  Have new fresh hand towels in the bathrooms and kitchen for showings.
  • CURB APPEAL- Stand on the sidewalk and look at your home.  Is the paint chipping or does it look fresh?  Are the sidewalks cracked and could pose a tripping hazard?  Is your landscaping overgrown?  Lawn need to be mowed?  Can you see the house number?  Take special care of these items as they are the first things a potential buyer will notice when coming to look at your home!

When you think it is ready to go, stand in the doorway of each room (or have one of your closest friends do it if you are too attached).  Does it look clean and inviting?  Could the furniture be rearranged to make the room seem bigger?  Are window coverings level?  Does it look like someone lives there?  When you think you are ready to list…call me!